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Erin Forsyth

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Erin Forsyth is a visual artist & illustrator renowned for her early involvement Auckland’s graffiti & punk rock scenes & playfully subversive publishing concept TAUHOU – refreshed, accessible information & contemporary natural history illustrations of plants, animals & ecosystems - the biological diversity - of Aotearoa, New Zealand. An overview of Forsyth’s portfolio reveals her continued interest in the natural environment, the influence of creative counter-culture in effecting social change & aesthetics associated with the Pop-Surrealism & Imaginary Realism movements. This is somewhat personified in the recent commission by Auckland Council to produce the sculpture Kid Justice, a playful reimagining of key symbolism associated with the Women’s Suffrage Movement & the 66sqm mural telling the story of clean energy powering the Auckland harbor bridge’s Vector Lights. A predominantly self-taught artist with a background in street art & graffiti stretching back to the late 90s Forsyth also identifies with the local movement Post Graffiti Pacific representative of contemporary artists working in the Pacific region with a background in aerosol art.