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I am currently a third year art student at the Elam School of Fine Arts. Pursuing the world of illustration, I am beginning to hone in on my own unique style through the mediums of watercolour, gouache and pen. I am most inspired by nature and the surreal qualities it can posses, often creating interactions between the real world and the unnatural or sublime. My colour palettes tend to reflect this soft feeling of the sublime, but I am also incredibly attracted to the film colour palettes such as those of Wes Anderson or Hayao Miyazaki. My projects are often self assigned, and I am working towards one day designing covers for magazines or albums, perhaps even writing and illustrating my own childrens book. I have created my own stickers, and sold many to family and friends, but at this point my aim is to develop a more in depth connection with the artistic sphere, and enhance my understanding and skills surrounding selling, discussing and producing my own art work.